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  • EINSTEIN'S MONSTERS. by Amis, Martin.
    Amis, Martin.

    Edition: First US printing.

    New York: Harmony, (1987) dj. SIGNED hardcover first edition - A collection of five stories which form Amis's protest against nuclear weapons, first by depicting a world inhabited by people dehumanized by the daily threat of nuclear war and then with postapocalyptic stories of nuclear war survivors deformed by its results. SIGNED on the title page. 149 pp. ISBN: 0-51756520X.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 80736
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  • WAR IN 2080:The Future of Military Technology. by Langford, David.
    Langford, David.
    WAR IN 2080:The Future of Military Technology.

    Edition: First printing.

    Newton Abbot, UK: Westbridge Books, (1979.) dj. Hardcover first edition - "Looks at the trends of current military technology and scientific progress and extrapolates these into the future, working on the assumption that human civilization will expand too swiftly to be destroyed by the military." Includes chapters on nuclear war, the edge of science fiction, war in near space, additions to the arsenal, etc. Illustrated with many glossy plates, photographs, cartoons. Bibliography, index. 229 pp. ISBN: 0-715376616.

    Condition: Near fine in near fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 41863
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  • Zuckerman, Solly.

    Edition: First US printing.

    New York: The Viking Press, (1982.) dj. Hardcover first edition - As relevant - or maybe even more so - now, as it was when it was written during the Cold War. Praise from Lewis Thomas on the rear cover, who calls Zuckerman "an exceedingly wise man...he perceives two immediate dangers to human civilization: the stockpiling of small 'theatre' bombs under the delusion that they can be used on battlefields without escalating... and the costly, feckless expenditures on military 'research.' References, index. 176 pp. Striking dust jacket art by Rafael Olbinski. ISBN: 0-670-518220.

    Condition: Very good in very good dust jacket.

    Book ID: 37719
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