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  • WILD FOLK: Stories of Field and Forest. by Chaffee, Allen.
    Chaffee, Allen.
    WILD FOLK: Stories of Field and Forest.

    Edition: First thus.

    Springfield, Massachusetts: Milton Bradley Company, (1930). Hardcover first edition - An omnibus edition containing three stories, each numbered separately. The Adventures of Fleet Foot and her Fawns (121 pages); The Travels of Honk-A-Tonk (108 pages); Snooks--the Bear Cub (94 pages). Illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull and Peter DaRu with a frontispiece and small drawings at the head and tail of each chapter. Each story is paginated individually - 121, 108 and 94 pp.

    Condition: Very good in sturdy tan buckram with black lettering.

    Book ID: 79036
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