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  • THE LAST STAND OF FATHER FELIX. by Wibberly, Leonard (1915-1983)
    Wibberly, Leonard (1915-1983)

    Edition: First printing.

    New York: William H. Morrow, 1974. dj. Hardcover first edition - Novel set in Africa in the 1950s by this prolific author, probably best known for "The Mouse That Roared" (basis of the film of the same name) "Father Felix, whose tiny mission serves inhabitants of a remote East African village, becomes a cause in the war between Bantu Royalists and Great Britain-backed pan-tribal Republican blacks. Father Felix elects to stay in his jungle in the face of Bantu invasions in order to call world attention to the need to make a stand for a 'place of peace.' The narrator-newsman goes with the Republican rescue corps; brave men die; and Father Felix disappears for all the right reasons." (Kirkus) 159 pp. ISBN: 0-688002854.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 87907
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