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  • CESARE BORGIA. by [Borgia, Cesare] Yriarte, Charles .
    [Borgia, Cesare] Yriarte, Charles .

    Edition: First UK printing.

    London: Francis Aldor (Aldus Publications Ltd), (1947). Hardcover first edition - Biography of Cesare Borgia,the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI who was named a cardinal at 17 but later resigned that to go on to become a powerful ruler while he had the support of the papacy. Machiavelli was at Borgia's court in 1502-1503 and some of the episodes in The Prince were based on Borgia's actions. Translated from the original Italian by William Stirling. 224 pp.

    Condition: Very good in dark blue cloth with gilt lettering on the spine, no dust jacket.

    Book ID: 69137
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  • Masters, Roger D.
    FORTUNE IS A RIVER: Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli's Magnificent Dream to Change the Course of Florentine History.

    New York: The Free Press, 1998. dj. Hardcover - The story of the mysterious friendship between Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli that changed history and almost accomplished one of the most ambitious plans of the city-state of Florence (Leonardo's concept to build a system of canals that would make the Arno River navigable from Florence to the sea, a project begun in 1504.). Roger Masters, a distinguished historical scholar, reconstructs this project and its failure, fills in many details of the relationship between the two giants of the Renaissance, and raises tantalizing questions on how history might have taken a different course had the project succeeded. Masters's reconstruction is both fascinating and plausible. Illustrated. Extensive notes, sources, index. 278 pages. ISBN: 0-684-844524.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 22134
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  • THE ENCHANTRESS OF FLORENCE. by Rushdie, Salman.
    Rushdie, Salman.

    Edition: First US printing.

    New York: Random House, (2008.) dj. SIGNED hardcover first edition - Novel set in Florence, Italy during the height of the Renaissance and in the Mughal empire under Akbar the Great - a story of a woman trying to control her own destiny in a world which belonged to men, and of two great cities, each at the height of their glory, but almost unknown to each other. SIGNED on the title page. Bibliography. 355 pp. ISBN: 9780375504334.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket (a new copy.)

    Book ID: 41285
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