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  • LOSING SEASON. by Ridl, Jack.
    Ridl, Jack.

    Edition: First printing, a trade paperback original.

    Fort Lee, NJ: CavanKerry Press, (2009). First edition - A series of interconnected poems which "explore the often unsettlingly central role that sports play in American life. From the star player to the kid who never gets in a game to the town religious fanatic to the disgruntled parent--all have their say. Even if you haven't lived in this town, you will recognize the lives of quiet endurance, unrecognized triumph, harsh weather, and hardnosed hope that propel people through the season." A title in the Notable Voices series. 89 pp. ISBN: 978-1933880150.

    Condition: Fine in illustrated wrappers with self-flaps.

    Book ID: 77919
    Keywords: basketball, coach, Poetry, sports
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