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  • TOM CHAUNCEY: A MEMOIR. by Chauncey, Tom (1913-1996) as told to Gordon A. Sabine.
    Chauncey, Tom (1913-1996) as told to Gordon A. Sabine.

    Edition: First printing.

    Tempe, AZ: Arizona State University Libraries, (1989). Hardcover first edition - An oral history - a memoir - by a man who came to Phoenix in 1926 as a 13 year old boy, riding the rails with his 14 year old brother, and who became an important figure in the growing city - Among other things, he owned radio and television stations in Phoenix and Tucson (he bought the radio station KPHO in Phoenix with his friend, the cowboy star Gene Autry, in he first of several such joint ventures) and was an influential collector of Arabian horses. Illustrated with photographs. ix, 214 pp. ISBN: 0-96119328X.

    Condition: Fine in illustrated boards.

    Book ID: 85542
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