Featured Author: Tony Hillerman

tony-hillerman-2The name of Tony Hillerman, who published his first novel in 1970 and his last in 2006, has become almost synonymous with mystery fiction set in the American Southwest, and specifically in the Four Corners area of Arizona and New Mexico. However, he himself acknowledged his debt to Arthur Upfield, who more than 50 years before wrote a series of novels featuring a half-aboriginal detective, set in the harsh desert outback of Australia. Most of Hillerman’s novels feature Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee of the Navajo tribal police. Leaphorn was introduced in his first novel, The Blessing Way in 1970. and Sgt. Jim Chee in the fourth novel, People of Darkness, and the two first work together in the seventh novel, Skinwalkers, published in 1986. Most of the books by Hillerman are first editions  in fine condition, unless otherwise noted.

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