EXTRAVAGANCE. by Krist, Gary

EXTRAVAGANCE. by Krist, Gary < >


Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

New York: Broadway Books, (2002). SIGNED first edition - The author's fifth book, a time-tripping novel which blends 17th century London with 21st century New York - "William Tobias Merrick, an energetic young man from the provinces, travels to the big city in a time of great optimism and ferment, hoping to make his mark on a frenzied, money-crazed society obsessed with the promise of new technologies. The city in question is London in the 1690s; but it is also New York in the 1990s. The new technologies are diving bells, pneumatic winches, and "sucking-worm" drainage engines; but they are also wireless telecommunication devices, patented biotechnology processes, and revolutionary electronic Internet routers. Only the sense of unlimited possibility remains the same throughout." SIGNED on the title page..

Condition: Fine in glossy illustrated wrappers.

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