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  • THE TWELVE CHAIRS. by Ilf, Ilya (1897 - 1937) and Evgeny Petrov (1903 - 1942)
    Ilf, Ilya (1897 - 1937) and Evgeny Petrov (1903 - 1942)

    Edition: First thus.

    London: Frederick Muller, (1965) dj. Hardcover first edition - The dust jacket proclaims this as "The Great Russian Satirical Novel" originally published in 1928, but then suppressed during the Stalin regime. The authors who met in Moscow in 1925, were born in Odessa, "the humor capital of the Russian Empire (now Ukraine). Thieves and resourceful conmen are the object of secret admiration and pride in Odessa, and the stuff of legends. One such conman, by the name of Ostap Bender, is the hero of the two writers' main work." (Russia Beyond) Basis for several movies - both in Russia and in the US in Mel Brooks 1970 film. Translated from the Russian by John Richardson. Introduction by Maurice Freidberg. 322 pp.

    Condition: Very good in very good dust jacket (tear to upper edge of front cover of dj)

    Book ID: 88286
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  • DEATH OF A NIGHTINGALE. by Kaaberbl, Lene and Agnete Friis.
    Kaaberbl, Lene and Agnete Friis.

    Edition: First US printing.

    New York: SOHO Press, (2013) dj. Hardcover first edition - The third title in the series featuring Red Cross nurse Nina Borg who becomes caught up in the dangers facing refugees - in this case, a young Ukrainian mother, accused of murdering her abusive fiancee, who will do anything to protect her daughter. Translated from the Danish by Elisabeth Dyssegaard. 329 pp. ISBN: 978-1616953041.

    Condition: Very near fine in a like dustjacket (remainder dot)

    Book ID: 86603
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  • THE WINTER HORSES. by Kerr. Philip.
    Kerr. Philip.

    Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

    New York: Alfred A. Knopf, (2014). First edition - Young adult novel by this award-winning writer. "Kalinka has lost her home, her family, her belongings - everything but her life. Still, she has gained one small, precious gift: a relationship with the rare wild and wily Przewalski s horses that wander the reservation. Apart from Max, these endangered animals are her only friends until a Nazi campaign of extermination nearly wipes them out for good. Now Kalinka must set out on a treacherous journey through the frozen Ukrainian forest to save the only two surviving horses - and herself." 274 pp.

    Condition: Fine in glossy illustrated wrappers.

    Book ID: 63463
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  • ONE MORE YEAR: Stories. by Krasikov, Sana.
    Krasikov, Sana.
    ONE MORE YEAR: Stories.

    Edition: First printing.

    New York: Spiegel & Grau (Random House), (2008.) dj. Hardcover first edition - The very highly praised first book - a collection of eight short stories - by this author who (like many of her characters) was born in the Ukraine, grew up in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, and emigrated to the US. Cover praise from Yiyun Li and Khaled Hosseini, among others. 229 pp. ISBN: 9780385524391.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket (a new copy.)

    Book ID: 50646
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  • MOTHER SPEAKS. by Lecomte, Serge.
    Lecomte, Serge.

    Edition: First printing, a trade paperback original.

    Portland, OR: Paper Radio Press, (1997). First edition - An uncommon collection of narrative poems, written in the first person voice of the author's mother, as he tells the story of her birth in Ukraine in 1925, growing up in a Stalinist orphanage, working as a slave laborer during World War II, and more. 87 pp. ISBN: 0-96509938.

    Condition: Near fine in illustrated wrappers.

    Book ID: 74839
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  • AUGURIES CHARMS AMULETS. by Mintz, Ruth Finer.
    Mintz, Ruth Finer.

    Edition: First printing.

    Middle Village, New York: Jonathan David Publishers, (1983) dj. SIGNED hardcover first edition - Her fifth volume of poetry, containing 42 poems rooted in the author's life in Israel and in America. INSCRIBED on the front endpaper. 93 pp.

    Condition: Fine in near fine dust jacket. (sunning to spine of dj.)

    Book ID: 58850
    Keywords: israel, Poetry, ukraine
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  • GHOST TRAIN TO THE EASTERN STAR: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar. by Theroux, Paul,
    Theroux, Paul,
    GHOST TRAIN TO THE EASTERN STAR: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar.

    Edition: First printing.

    Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2008. dj. Hardcover first edition - "Thirty years after the epic journey chronicled in his classic work 'The Great Railway Bazaar,' Theroux re-creates his 25,000-mile journey through eastern Europe, central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, China, Japan, and Siberia. . . In the three decades since, the world he recorded in that book has undergone phenomenal change. The Soviet Union has collapsed and China has risen; India booms while Burma smothers under dictatorship; Vietnam flourishes in the aftermath of the havoc America was unleashing on it." 496 pp. Map endpapers. ISBN: 0-618-418873.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 58198
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