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  • CASH OUT. by Bardsley, Greg.
    Bardsley, Greg.

    Edition: First printing, a trade paperback original.

    New York: Harper Perennial, (2012). SIGNED first edition - The author's first novel - "an outrageous tall tale that follows one desperate, disgruntled Silicon Valley exec through a his surreal three-day scramble to cash out his stock options and leave behind his hated high-tech job before outrageous villains (and even crazier friends) completely destroy him." SIGNED on the title page. 376 pp plus an interview with the author and a list of his recommendations of other books to read. ISBN: 978-0062127716.

    Condition: Fine in illustrated wrappers.

    Book ID: 66746
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  • Comaford-Lynch, Christine.
    RULES FOR RENEGADES: How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career, and Revel in Your Individuality.

    Edition: 2nd printing.

    New York: McGraw-Hill, (2007.) dj. SIGNED hardcover - Worthwhile advice from a woman who was a high school dropout, a Buddhist monk for a while, a contractor at Microsoft - and who made millions herself as an entrepreneur - SIGNED on the title page. 268 pp. ISBN: 0-071489754.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket (a new copy.)

    Book ID: 39741
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  • SMART MOBS: The Next Social Revolution. by Rheingold, Howard.
    Rheingold, Howard.
    SMART MOBS: The Next Social Revolution.

    Edition: First printing.

    New York: Perseus Books, (2002) dj. SIGNED hardcover first edition - "Transforming cultures and Communities in the age of instant access."A prophetic book, but one which (if anything) underestimated the rate of transformation. SIGNED by the by the author on the title page and dated in the year of publication. Notes, index. xxii, 266 pp. ISBN: 0-738206083.

    Condition: Fine in a fine dust jacket (as new.)

    Book ID: 68486
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