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  • Shibutani, Tamotsu and Kian M. Kwan.
    ETHNIC STRATIFICATION: A Comparative Approach.

    Edition: 5th printing (originally published in 1965.)

    New York: Macmillan, (1969.). Hardcover - Includes contributions by Robert H. Billigmeier. A comprehensive approach to the subject: beginning with the dispute that arose over who was first on Everest, Mallory or the Nepalese Tenzing this goes on to discuss the many ways in which ethnicity, race and/or skin color can affect lives and societies. Name and subject indexes, xi, 626 pp

    Condition: Very good in dark gray-blue cloth with silver and gilt lettering (prev owner's name, underlining and notes on pp 240-242, perhaps a few others, but overall a clean copy.)

    Book ID: 37236
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