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  • THE ERIC MORGAN STORY. by Johnson, Katherine.
    Johnson, Katherine.

    Edition: First printing, a trade paperback, not issued in hardcover.

    Nashville, TN: Winston -Derek Publishers, (1992.). First edition - A somewhat fictionalized account of a young black man, raised by his adoptive white grandmother in the Midwest during the 1930's in ignorance of his black culture, and who - in attempt to avoid the conflict between his upbringing and his racial identity - joined the Navy and wound up in Korea as one of 15 men handpicked for a dangerous mission. 130 pp. plus epilogue. ISBN: 1555234135.

    Condition: Very good in illustrated wrappers (book store stamp.)

    Book ID: 48736
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  • [Larsen, Nella; Toomer, Jean.] Larson, Charles R.
    INVISIBLE DARKNESS: Jean Toomer and Nella Larsen.

    Edition: First printing, a trade paperback, issued simultaneously with hardcover.

    Iowa City, IO: University of Iowa Press, 1993. First edition - One of the most readable and interesting books written about these two major novelists of the Harlem Renaissance - especially regarding Nella Larsen where the author is drawing upon previously unpublished letters and documents to examine her life after the publication of the 2 novels (Passing and Quicksand) for which she is known. Russell C. Brignano says that Larson's 'concept of pairing these two 'lost artists' is tenable, possibly brilliant; his portrayal of Larsen's life is the best I have encountered... his approach to Toomer the man is bold and courageous; his experiments with unchronological and intertwined accounts of two lives is deft and sucessful..' Photographs, notes, sources, index. 241 pp. ISBN: 0-87745-437x.

    Condition: Fine (as new.)

    Book ID: 26478
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  • SEARCHING FOR ZION: by Raboteau, Emily.
    Raboteau, Emily.

    Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

    New York Atlantic Monthly Press (2013). SIGNED first edition - " The Quest for Home in the African Diaspora." As a biracial American the author began a search for her identity: when she traveled to Israel at age 23, she was surprised to discover "black Jews " and this led her to seek out black communities in Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, and the American South. INSCRIBED and dated on the title page "for --- with best wishes on your continuing journey, Walk good," 305 pp.

    Condition: Fine in glossy illustrated wrappers.

    Book ID: 60719
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