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  • HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE. by Furst, Peter T. (1922-2015)
    Furst, Peter T. (1922-2015)

    Edition: 3rd printing, a trade paperback.

    Novato, CA: Chandler & Sharp Publishers, (1997 c 1976). An introduction by this cultural anthropologist to many of the hallucinogenic drugs - from tobacco to LSD to peyote and sacred mushrooms and many others - placing them in their cultural and historical context, with an emphasis on their role in religion, ritual and healing. Illustrated. A title in the Chandler & Sharp Series in Cross-Cultural Themes. Literature cited, index. xii, 194 pp. ISBN: 0-883165171.

    Condition: Very good in wrappers, some rubbing and wear to the covers, contents clean.

    Book ID: 80175
    Keywords: datura, Ethnobotany, lsd, peyote
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  • ESSENTIAL SUBSTANCES: A Cultural History of Intoxicants in Society by Rudgley, Richard.
    Rudgley, Richard.
    ESSENTIAL SUBSTANCES: A Cultural History of Intoxicants in Society

    Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

    New York and Tokyo: Kodansha International, (1994.). First edition - Originally published in the UK under the title 'The Alchemy of Culture' this is a look at the uses and abuses of mind-altering drugs through history, from opium in the stone age to crack on our city streets. Includes a look at the traditional mind-altering substances - like magic mushrooms in Siberia, tobacco and peyote in the Americas, qat in Africa, and betel in Southeast Asia - to the psychoactive plants of medieval witchcraft, hallucinogens like LSD and marijuana, and stimulants like coffee, tea, and cocoa, and why some are considered culturally acceptable, others are forbidden. Foreword by William Emboden Illustrated with line drawings, notes, bibliography index .ix,195. 36 t

    Condition: Near fine in glossy illustrated wrappers.

    Book ID: 38400
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