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  • AMERICAN DREAM: Three Women, Ten Kids and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare. by DeParle, Jason.
    DeParle, Jason.
    AMERICAN DREAM: Three Women, Ten Kids and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare.

    Edition: First printing.

    New York: The Viking Press, (2004.) dj. Hardcover first edition - A New York Times reporter investigates the claims of Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign promise to "end welfare as we know it," which ultimately dropped nine million women and children from the rolls. He follows three women in one extended family along with a cast of politicians, reformers, case workers and rogues to trace the unlikely successes and haunting failures of "welfare reform" in the U.S.A. Timeline, notes, index. 421 pp. ISBN: 0-670-892750.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket (a new copy.)

    Book ID: 43637
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  • Kerr, Simon.

    Edition: First US printing.

    New York: Hyperion, (2002.) dj. Hardcover first edition - Young Irish writer's highly praised first novel, a darkly humorous story of what happened when a group of Irish teenagers - both Protestants and Catholics - are sent to Milwaukee as part of the US peace initiative, Project Ulster at the height of the troubles. Narrated by one of the teens, Wil Carson - a 'no-hoper' from the streets of Belfast - from behind the bars of a Wisconsin penitentiary. Nominated for the 2003 Impac award. First hardcover edition (originally published in the UK as a trade paperback.) 278 pp. ISBN: 0-7868-67981.

    Condition: Fine in near fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 32669
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