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    Belin, Peter.

    Edition: First printing.

    Washington, D.C.: Highland House, (1978.) dj. Hardcover first edition - A rather quirky monograph covering years of the history of watches and timepieces, and the craft and art of the the watchmaker, from the early days of the mechanical escapement in 1550 to 1950, Beautifully illustrating with many full color and black and white photographs by im Waring. Large format, printed on heavy stock throughout. xi, 60 pp. ISBN: 0-918712-06-8.

    Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 43898
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  • Dale, Rodney.
    TIMEKEEPING: Discoveries and Inventions Series.

    Edition: First US printing.

    New York: Oxford University Press, (1992.). First edition - A book for older children - or even adults - which explores the changing ways of thinking about time, the emergence of the calendar and the history of timekeeping and the many different devices that have been created over the years -- among them, sun-dials, water-clocks, sandglasses, calibrated candles, water escapments, pendulum clocks as well as mechanical, electrical and quartz clocks -- even atomic clocks. Slightly oversized format, profusely illustrated with black and white photographs and drawings. A title in the Discoveries and Inventions series. Bibliography, index. 64 pages. ISBN: 0-195209680.

    Condition: Fine (a new copy) in glossy illustrated boards.

    Book ID: 31575
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  • Flynn, Harry Eugene and Lund, Chester Benford (illustrated by Heman Fay Jr.)
    TICK-TOCK: A Story of Time.

    Edition: Hardcover.

    Boston: D. C. Heath & Co., 1938. Hardcover - Designed to introduce older children to ways of telling time throughout the ages, by interweaving, in a chronological order, a girl's and a boy's experiences as they learn about time-telling devices of different periods. Illustrated in black and white. Index. 234 pp.

    Condition: From a school library with a few markings, overall tight and clean in orange cloth with black lettering, illustrated front cover (some wear to ends of spine.)

    Book ID: 24651
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