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  • FOR A SACK OF BONES. by Baulenas, Lluis-Anton.
    Baulenas, Lluis-Anton.

    Edition: First American edition

    Orlando, FL Harcourt (2008) dj. Hardcover first edition - "After eight years in exile, Sergeant Genis Aleu returns to the city of Barcelona, Spain bearing the mark of a man who has seen many battles and has one last mission ahead of him. A soldier in the the ill-famed foreign legion, Aleu cuts a intimidating figure as he negotiates around the paranoid and suspicious citizens of Franco's Spain, while trying to fulfill his father’s dying wish." Translated from the Catalan by Cheryl Leah Morgan. Winner of the Ramon Llull prize. 359 pp. ISBN: 978-0-15-1012558.

    Condition: Fine in near fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 60712
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  • THE CYPRESSES BELIEVE IN GOD. by Gironella, Jose Maria (1917-2003)
    Gironella, Jose Maria (1917-2003)

    Edition: 3rd printing of the one volume edition.

    New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1958. dj. Hardcover - The first book in his massive trilogy on the Spanish Civil War, the book upon which Gironella's reputation rests. Deeply Catholic and conservative, Gironella nevertheless attempted to write an even-handed account of that war, and its effect on the Basque Alvear family and on the ordinary people of Catalonia. This novel covers the years leading up to the outbreak of that war. Winner of the National Prize for Literature. Translated from the Spanish by Harriet de Onis. Glossary of persons appearing in the novel. 1010 pp.

    Condition: Very near fine in a very good dustjacket. An attractive copy.

    Book ID: 57574
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  • SHORT FLIGHTS. by Solomon, Barbara Probst.
    Solomon, Barbara Probst.

    Edition: First printing.

    New York: The Viking Press, (1983) dj. Hardcover first edition - The author's third book, described as a novel, but far more than that. She was "scarcely eighteen years old when she an another young Spaniard pulled off a daring rescue of political prisoners from one of Franco's concentration camps in the late 1940s. Spain thus became a part of her. This book, a personally political chronicle of the years from 1974 through Franco's seemingly endless dying and the inevitable manoeuvres that have issued, is what Virginia Woolf once called, 'an amalgam of autobiography and fiction, memoir and imaginative improvisation'." 313 pp. ISBN: 0-670330531.

    Condition: Very near fine in a like dustjacket (light toning)

    Book ID: 77488
    Keywords: franco, spain, Women Authors
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