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  • HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE. by Furst, Peter T. (1922-2015)
    Furst, Peter T. (1922-2015)

    Edition: 3rd printing, a trade paperback.

    Novato, CA: Chandler & Sharp Publishers, (1997 c 1976). An introduction by this cultural anthropologist to many of the hallucinogenic drugs - from tobacco to LSD to peyote and sacred mushrooms and many others - placing them in their cultural and historical context, with an emphasis on their role in religion, ritual and healing. Illustrated. A title in the Chandler & Sharp Series in Cross-Cultural Themes. Literature cited, index. xii, 194 pp. ISBN: 0-883165171.

    Condition: Very good in wrappers, some rubbing and wear to the covers, contents clean.

    Book ID: 80175
    Keywords: datura, Ethnobotany, lsd, peyote
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