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  • ABROAD. by Crouch, Katie.
    Crouch, Katie.

    Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

    New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, (2014). SIGNED first edition - A novel described as "a parable of modern girlhood, full of longing and reckless behavior" The old Etruscan city of Grifonia is "filled with dangerous secrets of many kinds: ancient, eternal, infernal - as it swarms with year-abroad students - thousands of them from all over. Ostensibly, they've come to study. But really they are here to reinvent themselves, to shuck their identities and buck constraints far from the watchful eyes of parents and others who know them too well. There's a reason Henry James's young ladies went to Europe with chaperones. Today's young ladies don't." SIGNED on the title page. 282 pp plus author's note.

    Condition: Fine in illustrated wrappers. Publisher's material laid in. Uncommon advance issue and especially so signed.

    Book ID: 78731
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  • WELCOME TO BRAGGSVILLE. by Johnson, T. Geronimo.
    Johnson, T. Geronimo.

    Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

    New York: Morrow (imprint of Harper Collins), (2015). SIGNED first edition - His very highly praised second novel - it "plunks four engaging but naive young ideologues from Berkeley into the middle of a Civil War re-enactment in a small town in the contemporary South with results that are surprising, heart-breaking, tragicomic and deeply disturbing (Jaime Gordon.) SIGNED by the author and dated in the year of publication. Includes a Sexicon (glossary) and list works cited. xiii, 360 pp.

    Condition: Fine in glossy illustrated wrappers with self-flaps.

    Book ID: 63030
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