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  • GHOST TOWN GLIMPSES. by MacDonald, Craig.
    MacDonald, Craig.

    Edition: First printing, a trade paperback, issued simultaneously with hardcover.

    San Francisco: Anthelion Press, Inc. (1975.). First edition - Stories of the California gold mining towns in the Mother Lode country of the Sierra foothills - both their colorful past, and the often picturesque remains. Among the towns written about are Drytown, Copperopolis, Volcano, Fiddletown, Placerville and more - and the characters include bandits like Murieta and Black Bart, the first baby born at the diggings, as well as the miners themselves. Photographs. 100 pages. ISBN: 0-89185-0058.

    Condition: Fine (as new.)

    Book ID: 17597
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