Michael Dibdin

MICHAEL DIBDIN (1947-2007):  Although best known for his series of eleven books featuring maverick Roman Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen, Dibdin’s books also reflect his peripatetic life. He was born in England, raised  in Ireland, attended universities in both the UK and Canada, taught in Italy, returned to England, and finally settled in the US, where he lived with his wife, mystery novelist K.K. Beck. His first two books were literary pastiches of Sherlock Holmes and poet Robert Browning as investigator. He did a send up of the traditional English  country house whodunnit, and set two novels of psychological suspense in Seattle. The Aurelio Zen books are thoughtful, but often violent, policiers: this series is notable for the fact that each is set in different part of Italy. In addition to winning  many awards for his crime fiction, Dibdin has been highly praised by critics and other writers. Ruth Rendell described Ratking as  “ transcending its genre – tremendously exciting … both subtle and horrific.”

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