DUST. by Pellegrino, Charles.

DUST. by Pellegrino, Charles. < >


Edition: Advance Reading Copy (trade paperback format. )

New York: Avon, (1998). First edition - "In an idyllic Long Island community, paleobiologist Richard Sinclair is one of the first to suspect that the environment has begun to wage bloody war on humanity. What initially appear to be random, unrelated events are, in actuality, violent eruptions in a worldwide biological chain reaction. Along with a brave group of survivors, Sinclair must learn to understand the catastrophe while it roils around them, slowly crumbling a panicked world and energizing a reactionary fringe that welcomes the apocalypse. The survival of mankind depends on finding an answer immediately - for all else is dust." Includes an "Afterword: Reality Check" and a selected bibliography, 387 pp.

Condition: Very good in glossy illustrated wrappers.

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