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Where you can find thousands of rare, used and out of print books

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We specialize in the sale of first editions of twentieth century literature, with an emphasis on women authors, African American literature and history (or Black studies), Native American authors, Latin American (including Chicano/a and Latino/a authors and works in translation) and Hawaiian and South Pacific islands  - plus mystery, detective & suspense fiction, science fiction, fantasy & horror, poetry & literary journals, Western Americana,  and children's & illustrated books.

While the books we offer range from the rare and antiquarian to collectible first editions to just plain used or second-hand reading copies, we try to focus on uncommon out-of-print books, and we have a large selection of first books, of new books by small press publishers,  and books by authors who are wonderful writers, but less frequently collected. Most of our books are hardcover modern first editions, although we also stock vintage sci-fi and mystery paperback originals (pbo) as well as digest and pulp magazines. We also have thousands of signed and inscribed books, and trade paperback uncorrected proof and advanced review copies for sale.

We have over  50,000 used books in stock, although only 25% 40% are searchable on-line so far. Please let us know if you are looking for a book or author whom you do not see listed, or if you have questions about any of our books.  Whether you are searching for just one book or interested in building a collection, we pride ourselves on our individualized and careful customer attention.

Levinson's Mosaic

Levinson's bookstore in downtown Sacramento California has been closed for many years, but this wonderful marble sidewalk mosaic remains.

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Below is a long list of books which we have in stock, and available for sale, arranged alphabetically by author. This list does not tell you if the book is a signed copy, or a first edition, or even the price, but if you click on the link, you will see a full description. You can scroll down if you know the author's name, or to find any author or title faster, just use the 'control F' command (for 'find') and start typing in the box and you will go automatically to the first entry that matches your request. (For a Mac use 'Command F'). Or, click here to search all of our on-line booklistings.

anonymous - Alcott, Louisa M. (illustrated by Alice Barber Stephens, 1858-1932.)
Alcott, Louisa M. (illustrated by Marguerite Davis.) - Anaya, Rudolfo.
Anaya, Rudolfo - [Anthology, signed] Hartwell, David G and Kathryn Cramer, editors. [Nancy Kress, Cory Doctorow, Alaistair Reynolds, Eileen Gunn and others, signed]
[Anthology, signed] Hartwell, David G, editor. - Atherton, Gertrude
Atherton, Gertrude. - Baker, Tiffany.
Baker, Tiffany. - Barnette, Mark.
Barnette, Mark. - Beanland, Anne Mahler and Terry, Emily Miles, editors.
Bear, Greg. - Berg, Elizabeth
Berg, Elizabeth - Block, Francesca Lia.
Block, Francesca Lia. - [Bowles, Paul] Choukri, Mohamed.
(Bowles, Paul) Sawyer, Laucanno, Christopher - Brightwell, Emily (Pseudonym of Cheryl Arguiles)
(Bowles, Paul) Sawyer, Laucanno, Christopher - Brightwell, Emily (Pseudonym of Cheryl Arguiles)
Brightwell, Emily (Pseudonym of Cheryl Arguiles) - Browne, Howard
Browne, Howard. - Butler, Jack.
Butler, Octavia. - Campbell, Ramsey.
Campbell, Ramsey. - Carroll, Jonathan.
Carroll, Jonathan. - Chase-Riboud, Barbara.
Chase-Riboud, Barbara. - Clark, Kevin.
Clark, Leonard. - Coleman, Wanda
Coleman, Wanda - Cooper, J. California
Cooper, J. California - Craven, Margaret
Craven, Margaret - da Cruz, Daniel
Craven, Margaret - da Cruz, Daniel
daCosta, Emilia Viotti - Day, A. Grove.
Day, A. Grove, editor (E. T. W. Hoffmann, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Rudyard Kipling, Henry James, Joseph Conrad, Katherine Mansfield, and others, authors.) - Dick, Philip K. ; Theodore Sturgeon; Richard Marsten; Charles A. Stearns; Sam Merwin, Jr; Theodore R. Cogswell; R. S. Richardson; Philip Jose Farmer, contributors.
Dickenhoff, Brook. - [Doig, Ivan] Simpson, Elizabeth.
Dokey, Richard. - du Nouy, Pierre Lecomte
Du Plessis, Menan. - Eden, Dorothy.
Eden, Dorothy. - Emerson, Alice B.
Emerson, Alice B. - Farley, Walter.
Farley, Walter. - Fisher, Laura (illustrated by Rocco Negri).
Fisher, Leonard Everett - Fowler, Karen Joy.
Fowler, Karen Joy. - Fuentes, Carlos.
Fowler, Karen Joy. - Fuentes, Carlos.
Fuentes, Carlos. - Garrett, George.
Garrett, George. - Gilchrist, Ellen.
Gilchrist, Ellen. - Goldman, Michael.
Goldman, Peter. - Grafton, Sue
Grafton, Sue. - Grimes, Martha.
Grimes, Martha. - Haldeman, Joe.
Haldeman, Joe. - Hannum, Alberta (illustrated with color paintings by the Navaho boy artist, Little No-Shirt, Beatien Yazz)
Hansberry, Lorraine (1930-1965), edited by Robert Nemiroff; introduction by Julius Lester. - Haruf, Kent.
Haruf, Kent. - Heinlein, Robert A.
Heinlein, Robert A. - Highwater, Jamake
Heinlein, Robert A. - Highwater, Jamake
Highwater, Jamake - Hogan, Linda.
Hogan, Linda. - Huebner, Andrew.
Huebner, Andrew. - Islas, Arturo.
Islas, Arturo. - Jennings, Dana Andrew
Jennings, Peter and Todd Brewster. - Junger, Sebastian.
Junger, Sebastian. - Kellerman, Jonathan.
Kellerman, Jonathan. - [Khrushchev, Nikita S.] M. Kharlamov & O. Vadeyev, editors.
Khrushchov, N. S. (Nikita Khrushchev) - Klavan, Andrew.
Klavan, Andrew. - Kuhlken, Ken.
Kuhlken, Ken. - Larrabee, Kathryn.
Kuhlken, Ken. - Larrabee, Kathryn.
Larreta, Antonio. - Leffland, Ella
Leffland, Ella - Lewis, Janet.
Lewis, May. - Longford, Elizabeth.
Longford, Elizabeth. - MacDonald, John D.
MacDonald, John D. - Margolin, Phillip.
Margolin, Phillip. - Mathias, John.
Mathis, Edward. - McCorkle, Jill
McCorkle, Jill - [McKinnon, Edna Rankin, signed] Dykeman, Wilma
McKinnon, K. C. - Michael Morrissey, editor.
Michaels, Barbara (pseudonym for Barbara Mertz.) - Mitchell, Major.
Michaels, Barbara (pseudonym for Barbara Mertz.) - Mitchell, Major.
Mitchell, Margaret. - Morris, Mary.
Morris, Mary. - Muller, Marcia.
Muller, Marcia. - Newmark, Elle.
Newman, Dorothy K.; Nancy J.Amidei, Barbara L. Carter, Dawn Day, William J. Kruvant, and Jack S. Russell. - Nova, Craig,.
Nova, Craig,. - Odum, Howard [1884-1954]
Odum, Howard W. - Palliser, Charles
Palmen, Connie. - Patterson, Richard North.
Patterson, Richard North. - Peters, Elizabeth [Barbara Mertz].
Peters, Elizabeth [Barbara Mertz]. - [Plath, Sylvia] Wagner-Martin, Linda W.
Plato. - Pringle, Terry.
Plato. - Pringle, Terry.
Pringle, Terry. - Ravenel, Shannon (editor); Carrie Brown, Madison Smartt Bell, Lee Smith, Jim Grimsley, John Barth and others, contributors.
Ravenel, Shannon (editor); Rick Bass, Madison Smartt Bell, Kelly Cherry, Larry Brown and others, contributors. - Rice, Anne writing as A. N. Roquelaure.
Rice, Charlie. - Robinson, Kim Stanley.
Robinson, Kim Stanley - Rushdie, Salman.
Rushdie, Salman. - Sandy, Stephen.
Sandy, Stephen. - Schopen, Bernard.
Schopen, Bernard. - Seranella, Barbara (1956-2007.)
Seranella, Barbara (1956-2007.) - Shirk, Jeannette C.
Shirley, John. - Simpson, Louis.
Simpson, Louis. - Smith, Martin Cruz.
Simpson, Louis. - Smith, Martin Cruz.
Smith, Martin Cruz. - Spillane, Mickey.
Spillane, Mickey. - Stevenson, Robert Louis; illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa.
Stevenson, Robert Louis (illustrated by Jacqueline Mair.) - Suntree, Philip
Suntree, Susan - Teague, Mark.
Teague, Mark, illustrator, signed; Babcock, Chris. - Tiptree, James, Jr.
Tiptree, James, Jr. - [Twain, Mark] Fishkin,Shelley Fisher.
Twain, Mark (illustrated by Fred Brenner) - Vangelisti, Paul.
Vanzant, Iyanla. - Waife-Goldberg, Marie.
Wain, John. - Warren, William E. (illustrated by Edward Frascino.)
Warrick, Patricia S. - Wertheimer, Barbara M. & Anne H. Nelson.
Warrick, Patricia S. - Wertheimer, Barbara M. & Anne H. Nelson.
(Wesley, Dennis, illustrator) edited by Watty Piper. - Wilcox, Collin.
Wilcox, Collin. - Wilson, Wayne.
Wilson-Fried, Alice - Wouk, Herman
Wouk, Herman - Zachario, Irene et al.
Zafris, Nancy. - Zusak, Markus.
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Abolition, slavery, reconstruction
Adventure Novels
African American Children's books
African American History and nonfiction
African American Literature
African American Mystery
African Literature and History
Alphabet books
Alternative Education
ARC or Uncorrected Proof
Archeology and ancient history,
Art and Photography
Arthurian legend
Asian and Asian American
Australia and New Zealand
Books about books
Books about books, or literary criticism & bios
Broadsides: poetry
Canadian writers and history
Caribbean literature and history
Central Asia
Children's and Illustrated
Christmas books
Cookbooks and food
Drama, dance and film
Drugs and drug addiction
Economics and Politics
Education and children
Fine Press or Limited edition books
First book or first novel
Fishing, hunting and camping
Games and game-playing
Gardening and landscaping
Gay and Lesbian
Hawaii and Pacific
Historical Fiction
Horror and dark fantasy
Humor, Cartoons, Satire
Irish writers
Juvenile series
Large print editions
Latin American Lit and History,
Literary biographies
Literary criticism and theory
Literary Journals
Literature in translation
Magazines and periodicals
Medicine and the medical profession
Medieval History
Miscellaneous nonfiction
Mountaineering and climbing
Movies and entertainment
Music and Musicians
Mysteries: historical
Mystery, Suspense and Detective Fic
Mythology, legends and folktales
Native American Lit and History
Nature and the Environment
New England or East coast
Pop-up and moveable books
Pulp magazines
Race relations and racism
Railroads and transportation
Reference Books
Religion and Spirituality
Russia or the Soviet Union
Sailing, boats, ships and the sea
Science and Space
Science Fiction Criticism and Reference
Science Fiction Magazines and Pulps
Science Fiction, and Fantasy
Signed books
Sociology and Current events
Southern Writers and the South
Southwestern writers
the 60's and 70's culture
Travel and Exploration
True Crime
Unions, labor and radical politics
US Hist Magazines
Vintage books and paperbacks
Western Americana
Western fiction
Wine Making and Growing
Women Authors
Women in the West
Women's Studies
Young adult novels

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